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I'm an extremely submissive, married (civil ceremony) & Collared-for-life tgirl slut, brown eyes, silky smooth skin with auburn/red hair.

I am traditionally Collared and Registered on by my darling Master Richard as his submissive SLAVE/SLUT Reg No. 000-420-409, and over the last 14 years he has succeeded in releasing every natural submissive thought and response my mind and body are capable of.

He has legally Owned me since our civil ceremony on the 12th of February 2010, which was the most wondrous, amazing day of my life...sigh...and now I can truly fulfil his dream of possessing the ultimate, submissive, Trophy Slut-Wife and my life-long desire to be married to a husband/Master who would love, cherish and Use me till death-do-us-part…sounds so OTT I know, but it really is as simple as that.

The one thing that has always bound us together is our absolute love, trust and honesty.

There have been several wondrous recent changes to our already idyllic, sane, sub/Dom married lifestyle that have made that bond even stronger than ever (if that were possible)…

…one of which was to finally agree it was a perfect time for me to be placed in chastity...something I had desired for so long, but denied to me until one particular change made it quite necessary and appropriate….I have now been caged in my CB6000 24/7 since June 2012 and apart from the first month, or so when emotionally acclimatising, the odd release for hygiene reasons and very occasional reward, we can honestly say it has proved to be one of the most meaningful and loving additions to our perfect world….in fact we are both truly surprised just how much so-!!

Not only does he hold the key to my heart, he holds the key to my emotional desires too.

What is sacred is the fact he has never allowed another to Use me...and that just makes my heart melt knowing he is so protective of, who is after all, his legal property do with as he pleases….his word really is the law as far as I'm concerned.

I'm also so very proud of the fact that my Richard also takes a keen interest in those deserving girls in need of a little guidance or direction in their lives, although he is quite particular just who he spends time over.

As his less than worthy Collared Slut first, and devoted, so very lucky wife second…I'm just blessed and truly grateful he still keeps me after all these years. xxx


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Still33 wrote 4 months ago

Thank you very much!!!

Sissy-TV wrote 4 months ago

What a gorgeous slut slave you are and so lucky to find such a loving master x

tequila1987 wrote 7 months ago

Thank you for adding me

marciaxxx wrote 1 year ago

Thanks for add

Kerstin61 wrote 2 years ago

Did I forget? Shame on me! Anyway thx for the add!

DavefromNB wrote 2 years ago

Thanks for adding me. Love the vids.

stickyknob wrote 2 years ago

Thanks for the add x

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